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An In-depth Exploration of Legend of Arcadia

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Published Jun 19 2024
Updated Jun 21 2024
4 min read

Executive Summary

  • Legend of Arcadia (LOA) is a card-based RPG game integrating blockchain technology, drawing inspiration from Kingdom Hearts for a rich storytelling universe.

Key Highlights:

  • Various gameplay modes: Story adventures, PvP arenas, and interactive lottery mini-games.
  • Active community engagement: Live streams, AMAs, and online competitions with over 120,000 participants.
  • Intensive development: Continual alpha and beta tests with high retention rates since 2022.

ARCA Token Utility:

  • In-game enhancements: Upgrade player status and acquire rare NFTs through Gacha mechanics.
  • Governance and rewards: Stake ARCA for governance and receive transaction fee distributions.
Token Name
Total Token Supply
Starship Community Sale Allocation
17,500,000 (1.75% of total supply)
Community Sale Start Date
25 June 2024
Purchase Limits per Slot
Starship Round:
- Maximum: $500
- Minimum: $25

Public Round:
- Maximum: $100
- Minimum: $25

1. What is Legend of Arcadia

Legend of Arcadia (LOA) is a card-based RPG game built on a vast story universe inspired by Kingdom Hearts. With the infusion with blockchain technology, LOA offers immersive PvP game modes and composable NFT heroes for the modern gamers through various experiences such as adventures, tournaments and speculations.

1.2 Project Mission & Value Proposition

  • Mission:
    • LOA strives to deliver boundless user experiences by merging traditional gaming with Web3 GameFi. To achieve this, the project leverages the card-based RPG model for Web3 collectibles and hero NFTs, while simultaneously optimizing live operation tactics honed in Web2 gameplay.
  • Value Proposition:
    • Drawing on extensive experience in the game industry, LOA directly tackles key issues in Web3 gaming: the scarcity of mobile games, a lack of operational expertise within development teams, and lengthy development times. 
    • By fostering a sense of ownership among Web3 players through its card-based game design, a mobile launch will allow LOA to rapidly reach a large global community.

1.2 Project Key Features

Source: Legend of Arcadia
  • Gameplay: LOA provides various game modes for all types of gamers to engage in story-telling adventures, participate in PvP Arena, join Lottery minigame.
  • Community: The team actively engages in community-oriented events including game night live streams, frequent AMAs, and online competitions. Over 350 online campaigns and 7 offline events have been organized with over 120,000 participants until this moment.
  • Development: Since 2022, LOA has undergone extensive game development with private testing including 4 Alpha Tests, 1 Beta Test and continuous optimisation. During the tests, LOA was able to gain 85% Next Day Retention, 56% of 7-Day retention with over 2,000 players participating in the tests.

2. What are the use cases of ARCA?

ARCA is the native utility token to facilitate the closed-loop economy of the LOA ecosystem. The functions of ARCA will be used for:

  • In-game activities: 
    • VIP status: Players can stake ARCA in order to level up their in-game status to receive more benefits such as increased yield boosts, enhanced daily idle rewards, quadruple battle speed, and the ability to skip battles.
    • Gacha NFTs: ARCA is used to acquire Grandia Gacha Balls, which later can unlock the rare Toy Hero NFTs. 
    • Transaction fee distributions: ARCA stakers who obtain veARCA will receive a portion of transaction fees from NFT assets trading activities on LOA marketplace. 
  • Governance: Holders of veARCA will have the ability to participate in game governance and DAO governance.
Preproduced from Legend of Arcadia

3. Tokenomics & Vesting Schedule

3.1 Tokenomics


3.2 Vesting Schedule


4. Project team

LOA is built by Mugen Interactive, an experienced team in Web3 Game Publishing.

  • Andy Lee: Co-founder & CEO who previously built multiple game titles at Lightspeed Studios at Tencent, with a broad range of casual and mid-core genres from sports, racing to autobattlers. 
  • Shawn Yu: Game Producer who obtained game design and publishing experience at Baidu Games and Hero Entertainment, covering card-based, RPG and shooting genres. 
  • Wei Su: Lead Game Designer, who previously was a game developer with experiences in Seasun Studios
  • Jason Zheng: Tech Lead that expertised in game development at Seasun Studios and Tecent Games. 
  • Alex Chong: Head of Products with 3 years of experience in token economy design and NFT investment research.
  • Jacky Cheung: Head of Operations and Management with 3 years of experience in managing Web3 projects. 
  • Katie Yeung: Community and Marketing Manager with 3 years of experience in Web3.

5. Original Roadmap & Upcoming Plan

5.1 Original Roadmap


References for each milestone status can be found here:

5.2 Current Roadmap


  • Start Tournament Season
    • Phase 1: RuneQuest Campaign
    • Phase 2: Grandia World Tour (Coming Soon)
    • Phase 3: GrandiaPort (Coming Soon)
    • Telegram Mini Game (Coming Soon)
  • In-app Purchase
  • Available for Google Play & App Store

2025 - Future 

    • Gamefied 6551 Backpack System
    • New gameplay-homeland
    • Guild vs Guild gameplay

8. Growth Strategy & Community

8.1 Growth Strategy

  • Engaging Quests: A quest system will incentivize players for desired actions. This could involve joining the community Discord server, participating in online events, or even collaborating with other GameFi projects on unique cross-game quests.
  • Influencer Marketing: Strategic partnerships with Web3 game streamers and industry KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) will leverage their reach to spread awareness. Expect insightful Twitter threads and engaging gameplay streams from these KOLs.
  • Guild Collaborations: The project is exploring collaborations with established GameFi guilds like AvocadoDAO, Play It Forward, Glip gg, Real Player DAO. This not only strengthens the project's network but also creates more opportunities for cross-guild quests, attracting new demographics of players.

8.2 Community