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An In-depth Exploration of SA World

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Get access to investment opportunities in high-quality Web3 startups backed by industry leaders.
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Published Apr 04 2024
Updated Apr 04 2024

Executive Summary:

SA World is building a scalable and interoperable gaming platform with end goal which is to create an unified expansive arena for all gamers in a transparent and open manner
SA Ecosystem consists of several initiatives:
SA Playciti: Offers a diverse range of over 100 games
Summoners Arena: Idle RPG: Represents the first Type I game in SA World, providing players with an engaging idle role-playing experience and a vast array of characters.
Quest System: SA World's quest system allows players to earn Active Points (AP) by completing daily missions, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards within the ecosystem.
Social Games: Players can seamlessly access the platform through their favorite social media channels like X (formerly Twitter), eliminating the need for additional downloads and facilitating effortless gameplay transitions.
Business Model:
In-app purchases for in-game items
Marketplace trading fees and gas fees
Upgrades and transfers of digital assets
Advertising within the ecosystem
SAE Token Utility:
In-game Enhancements: Boosts gacha drop rates and hero evolution in Summoners Arena.
Governance: Provides voting rights on game features and future updates.
Ad Revenue Sharing: Users earn a portion of ad revenue for viewing ads.

1. What is SA World and what problems does it solve?

SA World is building a scalable and interoperable gaming platform where all games can plug in.

As a one-stop Web3 gaming destination, SA World offers an extensive selection of games alongside a comprehensive suite of streamlined and efficient game management tools.

Users can experience different games which do not require excessive time commitments, which is catering to individuals with busy schedules. 
SA platform boasts a lightweight configuration, ensuring that the gameplay runs smoothly on different types of devices without burdening phone resources. 
The protocol empowers players to enjoy gaming while simultaneously earning extra income, as in-game items hold private property status and possess inherent trade value, free from publisher intervention. 

SA World's end goal is to create an unified expansive arena for all gamers in a transparent and open manner, driven by SAE token and AP system.

2. Ecosystem and Business Model

2.1 SA World Ecosystem

At the current moment, SA World consists of the following key initiatives within the ecosystem.

SA Playciti: Offers a diverse range of over 100 games.
Summoners Arena: Idle RPG: represents the inaugural Type I game within the SA World. The game promises a distinctive idle role-playing encounter characterized by captivating gameplay and an extensive roster of characters. It is freely accessible to all, affording players the opportunity to accrue valuable rewards through their participation.
Quest System: SA World's quest system encompasses a diverse range of missions across each game, allowing players to earn Active Points (AP) upon successful completion. These missions are refreshed daily, offering enticing challenges to our player base. Upon amassing a sufficient quantity of AP, players can exchange them for valuable rewards within the SA World ecosystem.
Social Games: By facilitating social games, players can seamlessly access our platform through their preferred social media channels, such as X (formerly Twitter). This integration streamlines the user experience by eliminating the necessity for additional downloads, enabling users to effortlessly transition into gameplay with minimal effort.

2.2 SA World Business Model

The ecosystem generates revenue mainly from 

In-app Purchases for in-game items
Marketplace trading fee and gas fee
Upgrade and Transfer of digital properties within the ecosystem
Advertisement distribution to the user base

3. What are the use cases of SAE?

SA Energy (SAE) is the governing and multi-functional token of SA World which has following functions: 

In-game Experience Enhancement: For players to boost up the Gacha Drop Rate in Summoners Arena Idle RPG, an amount of SAE is required to be spent, accompanied with the tier-B-or-above Heroes. Similarly, at certain evolution stages of a Hero, SAE serves as Evolution Fee to upgrade the Hero to the next star level.
Governance: Through proof-of-ownership validation, SAE can be reflected as loyal membership credit and hence, grants holders access to exclusive governance rights such as voting or proposing regarding game features, future updates, etc.
Ads Campaign Initiatives: Revenue from marketing activities will be allocated as specified for users who view advertisements, utilizing the Ads Distribution application, and the remaining portion will go to the treasury.

SA World plans to have more use cases announced in the upcoming future. 

4. Tokenomics and Vesting Schedule

4.1 Tokenomics

4.2 Vesting Schedule

5. Project team

Founding team are serial entrepreneurs who have previous achievements in entrepreneurship. 

Hung Tran: Co-founder of OneChain Technology, a gaming studio with hundreds of millions download.
Du Le: Co-founder of OneChain and 1Offcie, a startup providing digital transformation solutions for Vietnamese businesses.
Zoe Hoang: 4-year experience in Crypto Marketing, Community, Business Development. Ex- marketing Ops at Origin Protocol

The developer team has prior experiences in building mobile games, namely Shadow Knight, Galaxy Attack, Stickman Legends. 

6. Original Roadmap and Upcoming Plan

6.1 Original Roadmap

6.2 Upcoming Roadmap

7. Traction and Growth Strategy

7.1 Traction

Total SA World Account: 150,000
Monthly active users: 210,000
Total NFT Holders: 7000
More than 100,000 players of Summoners Arena - SA Worlds’ core game since launch
Nearly $1M trading volume of SA World VIPPass NFT within 2 weeks since its launch.

7.2 Growth Strategy

Co-host Trading Campaign: Collaborate with CEX to organize trading campaigns for SAE with rewards including NFTs, trading fee discounts, or airdrops.
Key Opinion Leaders: Leverage SA World's KOL network to create content and raise awareness of SAE to drive up trading volume through referrals.
Integration of Trading Pairs: Integrate trading pairs directly into SA World gaming platform. Users can acquire SAE from CEX from the game environment, with incentives for trading through the integrated pairs.
Educational Content: Empower users to make informed decisions and feel confident trading.
Strategic Partnerships: Form partnerships with other projects and influencers in crypto and gaming space. Collaborate on joint marketing initiatives to expand reach and attract users.

8. Social Channels

9. Appendix

10. Backers