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Starship Collaborates with OneID as a KYC Solution: A Voyage of Secure and Streamlined Web3 Access

Starship is thrilled to announce a collaboration with OneID, the universal identity solution for the digital world, to be a KYC solution on Starship.
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Published Jan 19 2024
Updated Jun 21 2024
2 min read

OneID acts as your single sign-on for the decentralized world, offering a unified digital identity solution across over 70 blockchains. Imagine a world where you can access all your favorite dApps and protocols with just one login, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple usernames and passwords. OneID makes this a reality, empowering you to navigate the Web3 landscape smartly and effortlessly.

But OneID goes beyond mere convenience. It also prioritizes security, offering robust Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions that ensure responsible participation in the blockchain ecosystem. This is where OneID and Starship join forces.

Starship is dedicated to providing a platform where communities can discover and support promising Web3 projects. By joining with OneID, Starship is taking a crucial step towards ensuring the quality and legitimacy of users joining on its platform. OneID's KYC capabilities will be integrated into the Starship Community Sale process, verifying the identities of users and fostering a more secure and trustworthy environment for all.

This collaboration is not just about secure access and KYC. Starship, with its focus on community-driven fundraising, can offer OneID a valuable platform to reach a wider audience of Web3 enthusiasts. By collaborating with Starship, OneID can showcase its solutions to a passionate community actively seeking to participate in the future of blockchain.

The journey of Starship and OneID is just beginning. We are both committed to building a more inclusive and secure Web3 future, and this collaboration is a major step in that direction. Stay tuned for exciting developments and updates as we embark on this voyage together.

About OneID

OneID is your universal identity to the digital world, offering a unified multichain identity across 80+ blockchains. In addition, our OneID SDK & API empowers developers to build on-chain identities with ease. We're committed to simplifying access to diverse networks and managing Web3 identities, thereby improving user convenience. Our focus extends beyond creating on-chain identities; we're passionate about empowering users to explore the digital world effortlessly with a single, universal identity.

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About Starship

Starship is a community-driven multichain fundraising platform designed to offer the community a fair chance to access potential high-quality projects while serving as a reliable bridge between investors and truly long-term builders. Also, Starship supports promising teams to make their mark on the Web3 world.

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