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Get access to investment opportunities in high-quality Web3 startups backed by industry leaders.

Starship Takes Flight on Sei

In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), innovation is the key to unlocking its full potential. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Starship, a community-driven multichain fundraising platform, is joining forces with Sei, the first parallelized EVM and the fastest blockchain. This integration marks a significant milestone for both projects, paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible DeFi ecosystem.
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Get access to investment opportunities in high-quality Web3 startups backed by industry leaders.
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Published Jan 17 2024
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Sei, with its ultra-high throughput, low latency, and commitment to fairness, provides the perfect infrastructure for Starship's fundraising activities. The integration seamlessly intertwines Starship's innovative fundraising capabilities with Sei robust blockchain technology, creating a synergistic environment that fosters trust, transparency, and efficiency.

Starship's engaged community of investors comprises a diverse pool of individuals and institutions with a keen eye for identifying and supporting high-potential blockchain projects. By gaining access to this extensive network, project teams on Sei can tap into a wealth of expertise, mentorship, and strategic guidance, further enhancing their chances of success.

At the heart of this integration lies a shared vision: to create a DeFi landscape that is not only open and accessible to all but also fair, efficient, and secure. This vision is deeply rooted in the unique strengths of each project. Starship brings its unparalleled expertise in connecting promising DeFi projects with a passionate community of investors, while Sei's cutting-edge blockchain technology provides the foundation for lightning-fast, ultra-secure, and truly decentralized trading experiences.

The integration of Sei into Starship's platform marks a watershed moment in the evolution of DeFi. By leveraging Sei's unparalleled speed, and interoperability, Starship is poised to empower its community of investors with unprecedented access to the most innovative DeFi projects, ushering in a new era of transparent and equitable fundraising.

This integration of Starship, the multi-chain fundraising platform, into Sei, the fastest chain, marks a defining moment for builders and investors seeking a truly inclusive, secure, and accessible Web3 experience. Our combined strengths will redefine the future of fundraising, opening doors for Starship users and Sei allies alike.

About Sei 

Sei is the first parallelized EVM and the fastest chain in existence with 390ms on mainnet. Supporting multiple execution environments, including the first parallelized Ethereum Virtual Machine, Sei is setting a new standard in blockchain performance and scalability. Apps on Sei benefit from both the performance of web2 and the decentralization and sovereignty of web3. 

About Starship

Starship is a community-driven multichain fundraising platform designed to offer the community a fair chance to access potential high-quality projects while serving as a reliable bridge between investors and truly long-term builders. Also, Starship supports promising teams to make their mark on the Web3 world.