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Get access to investment opportunities in high-quality Web3 startups backed by industry leaders.

Starship join forces with Kompass to nurture a thriving Web3 Ecosystem

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Kompass, a bespoke accelerator program backed by Ninety Eight. The collaboration signifies a major step in our mission to empower Web3 initiatives from the ground up.
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Get access to investment opportunities in high-quality Web3 startups backed by industry leaders.
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Published Mar 12 2024
Updated Mar 12 2024

Advancing the Web3 Ecosystem Together

Starship and Kompass, both driven by Ninety Eight's commitment to fostering a thriving Web3 ecosystem, have joined hands to empower Web3 startups and communities. Starship is dedicated to democratizing investment opportunities, allowing all community members to participate in qualified projects – a core principle since its inception. Kompass, known for its selective approach, provides builders with the know-how expertise and tailored mentorship they need, ultimately leading to a higher quality of projects launching on Starship for the community's benefit.

Shared Vision, Amplified Impact

Kompass' core mission aligns perfectly with Starship's dedication to the long-term success of Web3 startups. Through no-fixed cohorts, actionable advice, and a vast industry network, Kompass equips founders with the comprehensive support they need to thrive. This resonates deeply with Starship's core values of fostering long-term value and nurturing crypto startups from their earliest stages. Furthermore, successful Kompass graduates will gain access to the Starship community for token sales, creating a valuable launchpad for their ventures.

Looking Ahead: A Sustainable Future for Web3

This partnership between Starship and Kompass promises not only to expand the range of support and tools offered to Web3 innovators but also to provide the crypto community with access to even higher-quality investment opportunities. Together, the collaboration is set to bolster the growth of the Web3 landscape. 

About Kompass

Kompass, an accelerator program powered by Ninety Eight, is tailored specifically for early-stage Web3 startups. The program's core mission is to ensure the long-term success of these startups by providing them with expert guidance, insights from accomplished builders, and access to Ninety Eight's extensive network of elite VCs and Founders.

About Starship

Starship is a community-driven multichain fundraising platform designed to offer the community a fair chance to access potential high-quality projects while serving as a reliable bridge between investors and truly long-term builders. Also, Starship supports promising teams to make their mark on the Web3 world.