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Join the Stellar Journey with Starship "Entering The Orbit" Challenge Series!

We are thrilled to announce the “Entering The Orbit” Challenge Series for you to join, earn rewards, and work your way to the Grand Final Reward and kick-start the New Year with Starship in style.
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Published Jan 08 2024
Updated Jan 19 2024
3 min read

About “Entering The Orbit" Challenge Series

Let’s hop on a cosmic adventure "Entering the Orbit." This series of challenges is designed to simulate the thrilling journey that spaceships undergo to conquer the complexities of reaching orbit. Participants will need to navigate through various tasks, mirroring the obstacles, to earn their rewards.

The campaign comprises a series of tasks, each representing a crucial phase in a spaceship's journey to enter the orbit. Participants must complete each challenge to progress to the next stage, ensuring they have completed the quests' tasks.

Timeline: January 8 - February 4, 2024

Starting at 8 pm UTC +7 on select days, each challenge brings new quests, thrilling tasks, and a chance for you to skyrocket to the Grand Final Reward.

After finishing all the challenges, you are eligible for claiming guaranteed ticket to join the Grand Final Rewards raffle at the end of the campaign. All the challenges will be updated respectively in our blog post.

How to participate

Enter Starship’s Galxe and complete the challenges to claim your leaderboard points. 

Entering The Orbit: Challenge #1 | Reward: 1 x Allowlist Spot

Access here:

Reward: 1 Entry, 100 Points & 1 Whitelist spot 

Complete the tasks below for a chance to win 1 Whitelist Spot for the first project launched on Starship:

Entering The Orbit: Challenge #2 "Starship in your eyes"

Access here:

Reward: Get 1 Entry, 1 OAT, 200 Points and $150

Prize allocation:

    Top 1: $70 CUSD
    Top 2: $50 CUSD
    Top 3: $30 CUSD

How to join

    Draw your own Starship version, using any tools you have.
    Post your masterpiece on Twitter, must tag @starship_hq and include 2 hashtags #starshipinyoureyes #enteringtheorbit ✨
    Submit the link to your post on Galxe.
    The criteria ranking will be based on the following:

- The quality of the artwork based on creativity and relevance to Starship (will be judged by The Starship team) – 70%. The artwork should capture the essence of Starship. For instance, your understanding of Starship's personality. We're open to various formats such as a graphic, a gif, a meme, or even a brief video.

- Numbers of likes & RTs – 30%

Starship brand kit is here for your use.


    The work must be your own. Use of copyrighted materials without permission is prohibited. Stealing other people's art or submitting art that you did not create will result in disqualification.
    Avoid offensive/ political language or inappropriate images in your submissions, unless relevant to The Starship theme.
    Any use of fake/ bought accounts or other forms of submitting art that you did not create will result in disqualification.
    There is a maximum of one prize per artist: you may submit as many different works as you want, but you will only be rewarded based on your highest-scoring one. However, each submission will be counted one entry.
    Starship reserves the right to repost your work on our social channels, with proper credit given.
    The Starship team will announce the three winners after January 29 by showcasing their artwork on our X and tagging them. We maintain full discretion and will make all final decisions to ensure the fairness of this challenge.
    Apart from prizes offered as part of the challenge, no monetary compensation will be paid for any of your challenge contributions.

Entering The Orbit: Challenge #3 | “Space Quiz: Starship 101”

Access here:

Rewards: Get 1 Entry, 1 OAT, 100 Points and $50

Invite your friends to join the challenge! The more referrals on Galxe, the higher your position on the leaderboard. The grand rewards at the end of the campaign are ​10 WL spots & $500!

Prize allocation:

Top 1 referrals: $30

Top 2 referrals: $20

Duration: Jan 15 - Jan 29

How to join

    Like & RT this post
    Complete the Quizzes & Refer your friends to join the challenge via Galxe


    Participants who complete the quests on Galxe will be able to claim the OAT (FCFS) and Points. Only the top two participants with the most referrals will win $30 and $20, respectively.
    The Starship team will announce the two winners after January 29.

Entering The Orbit: Challenge #4 | Login and KYC with OneID

It’s time to officially step into the orbit where you only need to do the KYC process to enter. 


    OAT (FCFS)
    200 points on Galxe
    10x .c98 domain (4 characters) worth $2500! Raffled for 10 lucky winners

Duration: Jan 19 - Jan 29

How to join?

    Follow @starship_hq on X
    Follow @useOneID on X
    Like & RT this post
    Complete the login  process with OneID on our website and do the KYC

 Read more of the guide here

Terms and conditions

    Prepare a Coin98 Multichain Wallet for the KYC process on Starship with OneID. We recommend using the same wallet from previous challenges on Galxe to accumulate points. Check out the guide on how to import a wallet into Coin98 Multichain Wallet here.
    Points on the leaderboard accumulate to the same wallet used throughout all challenges in the “Entering The Orbit” campaign.
    The eligible wallet address list on Galxe will be synced once every 3-5 days until the challenge ends. You can claim the OAT and gain points immediately once your wallet is eligible.
    If you have already completed the KYC process before, all you need to do is go to Galxe to do other tasks and wait until the list is synced to claim the OAT and points.
    The raffle for the 10 ".c98 domains" occurs 3 days after the Challenge #4 ends.

Grand Rewards

Earn XP Points from Galxe with each completed challenge and be in the running for 11 Whitelist Spots* and 500 $CUSD! Here's the detailed allocation:

    1 Whitelist spot for the first challenge.
    Top 1 on the leaderboard: 1 Whitelist spot + $120 CUSD.
    Top 2 on the leaderboard: 1 Whitelist spot + $100 CUSD.
    Top 3 on the leaderboard: 1 Whitelist spot + $70 CUSD.
    Randomly raffle for 7 eligible participants with 1 Whitelist spot and $30 CUSD each.

*These Whitelist Spots will be applied to the projects launched on Starship in 2024.

Your leaderboard points from each challenge determine your eligibility for the grand reward at the campaign's end. Complete all challenges to secure your spot in the raffle. Winners will be selected through the Galxe raffle mechanism and, in some cases, a random giveaway picker. Each participant can win only once. If you win in the top referrals, you can't win in the lucky pool.

Let’s gear up, mark your calendars, and let's launch together into the Starship orbit!

Terms and Conditions 

    By participating in this event, you agree to all of these terms and conditions.
    All the latest event information is valid and updated in this article.
    Users are solely responsible for determining if there are any applicable laws (including foreign exchange restrictions) that they must comply with and comply with those laws when participating in the event.
    The winners agree to the publication of their wallet addresses (5 first and 5 last digits) on Starship social channels.
    The results of the winner announcement will be announced on Starship’s X and Telegram within 14 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) after the event ends.
    All complaints will only be considered valid if participants contact the Starship Team at within 72 hours of the announcement of the winners of the prizes.
    Any detected cheating will be automatically handled by Starship's decision without prior notice.
    Starship reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
    All final decisions of the event belong to Starship.
    All user personal data (wallet address) will not be passed on to third parties without consent, nor will it be made available for use by third parties.

About Starship

Starship is a community-driven multichain fundraising platform that offers the community a fair chance to access potential high-quality projects while serving as a reliable bridge between investors and truly long-term builders. Also, Starship supports promising teams to make their mark on the Web3 world.

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